Below is an overview of most common questions:

What can I do here?

The video portal of the University of Passau is the central publication platform for video and audio clips from courses, student clubs and societies and other University-related content.

If you have a valid university network account you can publish videos after you log in; however, please contact us first if you wish to upload audio clips (podcasts).

How can I log in?

To log in to the video portal you must be logged in to the University’s computer network. Please use the OpenVPN client if you wish to log in from outside the University computer network.

Use your university network account credentials to log in. You should be able to upload video clips and manage your existing clips straight away.

If, until now, you have been using a group account for the video portal, i.e. account credentials that you shared with other team members at your Chair, division, central unit or service, you will have to reset your password before logging in to the new video portal for the first time.

How do I upload podcasts?

Please contact the ZIM support desk first if you wish to upload podcasts, as this requires us to give you special privileges: as this feature was used by only a small number of users in the past, we only grant them to those who will actually use them rather than activating this functionality by default.

Which is the best video encoding format?

We recommend that you use the H.264 codec (i.e. mp4 format), using either the YouTube 1080p default setting or the following settings, if you need to enter the values manually: 1280×720, h.264, 320kbit Audio, CBR 5 MBit.

What are the channels and playlists for?

Channels and playlists allow you to organise your uploaded video clips, e.g. all PRO.FIL videos or a playlist with the latest videos on a specific topic. This is similar to YouTube’s system. Please note that only video files can be organised into channels and playlists.

The general idea is to use channels to group all videos of your chair, division or unit and then use playlists to arrange them by topic or theme.

The system won't let me create channels or playlists or upload videos to them.

Before you can manage and create channels and playlists, this functionality has to be enabled for each user account. Please contact the ZIM support desk for assistance.

Is there a size limit for files?

From the WordPress Dashboard you can upload files up to 2 GB in size. Using the Upload Tools on the page you can upload podcasts of up to 512 MB for each audio clip and up to 2 GB for each video clip.

If the video clip you wish to upload is bigger than 3 GB, we ask that you contact the ZIM support desk and provide the file on a USB key, DVD or via a cloud service: we will then upload the videos for you.

Why can't I see any video clips on the English page?

The English page only shows videos produced in English. If there is no English-language video content, the file list remains empty.

For technical reasons, this cannot be done any other way for podcasts for the time being.